50VA Isolating Transformer, 230 V ac, 245 V ac, 400 V ac, 415 V ac Primary 1 x, ±55V ac Secondary


Control Panel Primary 230/ 400Vac with +15Vac Tap

High quality safety and isolating transformers designed for use in control circuits and general applications
Low loss noise laminations
Dual standard primary winding 230 / 400Vac with +15V tap for input flexibility
Dual secondaries are centre tapped. Earth terminal provided
Varnish impregnated for overall protection against humidity and rusting
Fully shrouded cage clamp terminal with voltage markings
Detailed product specification on permanent label
High efficiency, low regulation design

Construction Class 1
Insulation Class 130°C
Operating temperature +35°C (Ambient); +85°C (Full Load Rise)




BS EN 61558


AC lighting transformers from Rundles

Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg
Output Voltage AC

Maximum Lamps