BA Series Brake Motors with DC Brake Coil.

0.18kW – 1500rpm – 63 Frame size- DC Brake



The BA series consists of three phase, asynchronous brake motors totally enclosed fan cooled. The BA series range starts from
71 up to 225 frame size. As standard, the brake power supply is AC 3-phase. On request DC brake can be provided with a rectifier
integrated in the terminal box. The rectifier is provided with an over-voltage and radio frequency emission protection device. All
BA series motors are provided with manual brake release. The BA series cooling fan is fitted between the motor and the braking
assembly. The brake moving element and the brake coil have a laminated magnetic nucleus to reduce losses and to allow very
fast braking. BA series main features are a very quick braking action, both in unlocked and high torque braking, a constant braking
time and a very high number of start/stop cycles also under severe applications.

MGM Brake Motors stocked and supplied by Rundles

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Weight 5 kg

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