Here at Rundles, we endeavour to stock as much of a full range of amusement park spares as is possible. Part of our amusement park spares are the LED fairground lights we can supply online, these consist of a range of 12 volt to 240 volt LED lamps with diferent whites (brightness) such as Warm Warm White through too Cool White Led bulbs

We have designed our new LED lights to fit into all cabochon casings with only a 30mm diameter, our led lamps have been specifically manufactured for the amusement park lighting industry but can be used in any application what-so-ever.

We now have our AC Transformers online to purchase, these range from 50Va to 1000Va – One Va roughly equals enough power for one LED lamp, so a transformer with 100 Va will power up to 100 LED fairground lights.

You can now buy our Tri rated wire for connecting your LED lamps up, this is ideal to use with our ‘quick connect’ bulb holders which require no soldering or wire cutting, these connectors have two sharp pins that pierce the Tri rated cable and is held and compressed down by a crimping nut. The Tri rated wire is available in blue and brown for ease of use.

Also check out our new Clearance centre where we have a multitude of light bulbs and led lights for sale at a greatly reduced cost, all available to buy online.

One of our biggest sellers are our multicoloured flashing units, these are available in both E14 and Flat Cap LED versions. Each LED lamp is pre-programmed in sequence, with up to 16 sequences available and a full spectrum of colours.