What we started with.......

The Chair-O-Plane is a variant of a carousel ride – a fairground ride that has chairs suspended by chains from the top of the carousel instead of carousel horses and animals. Some newer versions, originating from Australia, tilt at the top. The Chair-O-Plane is also known as a swing carousel, wave swinger, yo-yo or just a swinger.

Arrival of the chair-o-plane for refurbishment at Rundles

This photo was taken of the main shaft of the Chair-O-Plane which, as you can see, is in dire need of some major attention.
Each part has to be inspected and tested, we will completely strip this Chair-O-Plane down to the last nut and bolt and re-build it step by step
Fairground Chair-O-Plane is refurbished at Rundles using amuisement park spares
Chair-O-Plane is painted at Rundles
Amusement park spares are used to refurbish this Chair-O-Plane
The rest of the original woodwork was stripped down, completely repainted with decoartive decals applied. Most of the amusement park spares we needed are from stock. However, we needed to fabricate some parts to suit in our own workshop

Arrival of the Chair-o-plane for refurbishment at Rundles

Here you can see the base of the Chair-O-Plane being assembled for running the ride for the first time.

Outer framework for the Chair-O-Plane
all sprayed and ready for assembly
The refurbished Chair-O-Plane arms ready for assembly
All the chairs have been redone with added safety belts and painted red with re-covered green and red padded seats
Chair-O-Plane chairs being prepared for painting
chair ready for its undercoat of paint
We constructed sets of cabochon lights to fit onto the Chair-O-Plane using LED lights to add that finishing touch
Canopies sprayed white ready for vinyls
ColouredChair-O-Plane chair Top and ready for lighting
Cabochon lights have now been fitted to the chair umbrella

Finishing the Build

Working against the weather we continue to build up the Chair-O-Plane ready for trying the ride out
The centre section of the chair-o-plane is made
The chair-o-plane is fitted with cabochon lights
Thechair-o-plane is made
chair-o-plane with cabochon lights

Six Weeks from start to finish

We only started work on this ride on the 21st September 2017 and it was taken down, loaded and transported on the Friday 3rd November
Stabilizing arms fitted to the main body
Fitting the swing arms to the top revolving plate
Umbrella and chair fitted to the end of the swing arm
During this redecoration, the whole ride was stripped down and redone.
Dismantling, packing and loading the Chair-O-Plane ready for its journey

Dismantling chair-o-plane ready for transport


Video of the Chair-O-Plane in action