Designed and Built from the ground up by Rundles Engineers

straightening rollers designed and manufactured by Rundles
Here we have a set of straightening rollers designed and built from the base up by Rundles engineers. These rollers are used to straighten wire mesh such as weld mesh. The mesh is manufactured and then rolled into large rolls a bit like fence wire. These rolls then need to go through a straightening machine such as we have here. This machine is rather unique as it has a 4 foot width instead of the more common 8 foot width.
The machine is fully adjustable in order to accommodate different gauges of mesh, the machine is also self feeding so will pull the mesh into the rollers at an adjustable speed to suit.
The machine consists of a set of feed rollers and a set of straightening rollers, the feed rollers have a rubber grip coating to be able to grab the mesh and pull it into the set of straightening rollers. All the rollers are geared to rotate at the same speed to enable a smooth work flow.
assembly of the rollers
the gears of the straightening rollers
With all parts engineered the assembly of the straightening rollers is progressed
straightening roller assembly
gears of straightening roller
straightening rollers being built

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