The arrival of the old ParaTrooper

The "Paratrooper", also known as the "Parachute Ride" or "Umbrella Ride", is a type of fairground ride based on the seats suspended below a wheel which rotates at an oblique angle.

Arrival of the Paratrooper for refurbishment at Rundles

This photo was taken when the Paratrooper arrived in April 2016 for full refurbishment for Folly Farm, this was a major refurb and transformation freom a trailer mounted ride to a static floor mounted ride and has taken us a few months to complete.

The basic frame is stripped down and refurbished

Paratrooper stripped down

The whole ride has been totally dismantled, the frame work has been inspected, repaired where necessary and then prepared, undercoated and sprayed

Each part has been inspected and tested, we have replaced virtually all moving parts and fitted new motors and hydraulics. The whole ride has new wiring and a new control cabinet
Fairground paratrooper is refurbished at Rundles
Paratrooper is painted at Rundles
Amusement park spares are used to refurbish this Paratrooper
The rest of the frame is processed and placed out ready for assembly and testing. Most of the amusement park spares are from stock but what we don't have, we fabricate in our workshop.

Outer framework for the paratrooper
all sprayed and ready for assembly
The refurbished paratrooper arms ready for assembly
The seats have been carefully rubbed down, filled and prepared for their first coat of undercoat. these will not have their final spray until the ride has been fully weight tested
Paratrooper chairs being prepared for painting
chair ready for its undercoat of paint
The circular roof or "umbrella" to the chairs on the ride have been through the same process, each one has been stripped back. All the electrics and lights have also been removed. Here you can see the tops having their finishing white spray coat and the vinyls being applied. You can also see the new lights fitted to the canopies, each canopy will have colour co-ordinated LED lights to match the vinyl
Canopies sprayed white ready for vinyls
Coloured Paratrooper chair Top and ready for lighting
Cabochon lights have now been fitted to the chair umbrella

The Centre Piece

The centre piece which has been constructed out of stainless steel in our workshop is fitted with coloured cabochon lights ready for the led lights
The centre section ogf the paratrooper is made
The stainless steel centre is fitted with cabochon lights
The centre section ogf the paratrooper is made
The stainless steel centre is fitted with cabochon lights

The Assembly

The ride is carefully assembled with each component checked and tested. The cars are attached before the final paint finish as not to damage the new paintwork. On final weight testing these cars will be filled with a ballast weight.
Stabilizing arms fitted to the main body
Fitting the swing arms to the top revolving plate
Umbrella and chair fitted to the end of the swing arm
During the refurbishment the whole ride was completely stripped down and each part checked, for instance, the main hydraulics system and ram were renewed and re-designed to meet new standards, all new sensors and control panels were designed and fitted complete with air brake to give a brief idea of what is involved.

Completed paratrooper ready for testing