The Mono-Rail

Butlins Monorail car in for refurbishment

In the main picture above you can see the original monorail car being totally stripped back and fibreglassing

Not only do we stock a massive range of amusement park spares for the fairground and Amusement Park industry, ready for next day delivery, Rundles are renowned for their engineering and refurbishment skills. From a Tea Cup ride to a Roller Coaster we are U.K. specialists in refurbishing and rebuilding rides, all within an acceptable time frame.

Here we have the task of refurbishing the monorail car for Butlins. This arrived to us in need of a lot of TLC and as you can see from the pictures we certainly had our work cut out.

The Preperation

preperation of the monorail car
monorail amusement ride rubbed down
Amusement park spares are used to refurbish this monorail ride for Butlins'

Its all in the preperation, hard at work to get the finish we require for spraying. All the damaged fibreglass has been replaced and rubbed down and filled. A base coat of paint is then added before the final filling and rubbing down takes place

Butlins Monorail car in for refurbishment

A fresh coat of paint makes all the difference

The amusement park ride is sprayed in white
Butlins amusement rade is painted white
The car is sprayed white in our paintshop next to our amusement park spares depot'

The Internal

Butlins amusement park ride is refurbished
Painted Monorail for Butlins
Amusement park spares are used to refurbish Butlins monorail car'

New flooring and steps made and fitted plus new seating painted and fitted. A nice bench seat at the front for the wannabe drivers. All thats left to do now is the branding decor.

Butlins monorail car finished and ready to go back to the amusement park
The monorail car is all finished and branded ready for Butlins
Done in the style of Butlins, the monorail car is ready fo delivery back to the amusement park

Looking as good as new.

Butlins logo on their monorail car, refurbished by Rundles the amusement park spares specialists