Built to order this large 30kw Centrifugal fan is going to be fitted as a grain dryer on a farm in Lincolnshire. Rundles have been manufacturing their own range of centrifugal fans for numerous applications including the agricultural industry, typically produce drying and grain drying. Grain Dryer manufactured by Rundles Centifugal fans are used for the removal of clean or slightly dusty air. They have high efficiency and reduced noise level, the fans of this series are largely used, in ventilation, conditioning, drying, cooling, mechanical draft, and toxic gas elimination plants

Hundreds of millions of tonnes of wheatcornsoybeanrice and other grains as sorghumsunflower seedsrapeseed/canolabarleyoats, etc., are dried in grain dryers.[1] In the main agricultural countries, drying comprises the reduction of moisture from about 17-30%w/w to values between 8 and 15%w/w, depending on the grain. The final moisture content for drying must be adequate for storage. The more oil the grain has, the lower its storage moisture content will be (though its initial moisture for drying will also be lower). Cereals are often dried to 14% w/w, while oilseeds, to 12.5% (soybeans), 8% (sunflower) and 9% (peanuts). Drying is carried out as a requisite for safe storage, in order to inhibit microbial growth. However, low temperatures in storage are also highly recommended to avoid degradative reactions and, especially, the growth of insects and mites. A good maximum storage temperature is about 18 °C.(Courtesy of wickipedia)