The 1893 Beamish Museum Steam powered Carousel Refurbishment

Beamish museum carousel refurbishment by Rundles

In the main picture above we have removed the main galloper centre

Here at Rundles we have been supplying and fabricating amusement park spares for the fairground and leisure industry for over a century. During this time we have accumulated an extensive stock of new and old versions of the different types of parts needed. We have also built, repaired and refurbished many amusement and fairground rides.

We have just started the mammoth task of refurbishing a 1893 steam powered carousel for the Beamish Museum.

These "gallopers" were built in 1893 for William Beach, an ancestor of the current owners, by Savage of Kings Lynn, the pre-eminent Victorian fairground manufacturers. The ride still has all of its original, hand-carved wooden horses, along with a steam centre engine, May Queen, and an 89 key Gavioli organ. Previous owners, the Ayers family, have decided to retire from travelling with the gallopers and, after 116 years of ownership, agreed a deal with Beamish Museum, near Stanley, in County Durham.

A museum spokesman said: "Only seventy or so steam gallopers exist throughout the world, in varying states of originality or completeness, and this is probably one of the best examples in the country, as they are in remarkably original condition.

Removing the Dolly Gears

Removing a dolly gear from the carousel center

The centre of the "British Galloper" is very carefully dismantled and each dolly gear is meticulously removed, the existing brass bearings, as seen in the picture, had to be oiled by hand at least once a week by the operative. Today we would use an automatic self lubricating bearing

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