Refurbished by Rundles sign on a carousel ride

Carousel Spares

Carousels or more traditionally known in the United Kingdom as 'The Great British Galloper' are an impressive feat of engineering. The first mechanized carousels were powered by a steam engine where the centre shaft of the carousel was utilised for the chimney of the steam engine. These carousels are still in action and Rundle's are at present refurbishing a 1893 carousel for the Beamish museum. With such a diverse range of age, finding spare parts for carousels can be an absolute nightmare, this is where Rundle's come into the equation. Rundles have been supplying amusement park spares for the leisure industry for over 100 years and have a multitude of different types of carousel parts in stock. If Rundle's don't stock the part you require they will fabricate it, in their engineering shop and then put the item in stock for future use.

To give you some idea on the different stock items Rundle's have on the shelf for carousels they stock, 5 types of carousel horses, carriages and cockerels etc. Cheese wheels, dolly gears, auto lube bearings, foot plates, twisted brass poles, in fact as we manufacture brand new carousels we have virtually everything down to the last screw.

Rundle's noticed a gap in the market with their carousel horses, they have fitted their range of carousel horses onto weighted stands with a polished twisted brass pole to imitate the horse on a carousel. Not only are these available to purchase as a separate item they are also available for hire, these are especially popular for events such as corporate through to weddings. The customer has the additional option of branding the carousel horses with their own company logo or personal name at a small additional cost.

Not only do Rundle's have a truly extensive stock of carousel spares they also have a refurbishing department where they carry out complete dismantles and rebuilds, to repairing damaged carousel horses. All of their carousel spares are available to view on their website where you can choose and purchase there and then. If you can't find what you need there is an upload section where you can get a quote for fabricating your item to your exact requirements.

Fairground lights supplied by Rundles

Fairground Lighting

As part of Rundle's extensive range of amusement park spares, one of their best sellers is their own range of  LED lighting. Traditional fairground lighting uses E10 and E14 Edison bulbs which use approximately 4 times more power than the newly developed Rundle's LED lamp which only uses 1 watt. So on an average 3 abreast carousel, there are in excess of 3000 lights so you don't need to be a mathematician to work out the immense savings here.

The main type of fairground light casing used in amusement parks and theme parks is the Cabochon lights. These come in a variety of bright colours and produce a glistening diamond effect when lit up. Cabochon originates from the French word meaning 'head' and is a shaped and polished gem rather than faceted. Rundles offer a full range of Cabochons in sizes E10 and E14, but the main advantage of the Rundle's LED lamps is that they have been designed and compacted into a 30mm diameter lamp. This means that their LED lamps fit all styles of Cabochon case where others (being 40mm) don't. 

Rundle's stock thousands upon thousands of different types of fairground LED lamps consisting of voltages such as 12v, 24v, 60v and 240v. Brightness is also an option ranging from warm-warm white through to cool white led lamps, and of course the sizes E10 and E14. You would think this would be the full range but of course, with Rundle's it's not. If you think about it nearly all fairground lights are flashing to entice the public in. These are normally run form control boxes with programmed controllers to operate the flashing sequence of the lights. These work adequately but are high maintenance and are expensive to run, you are also governed to coloured cabochons to get the different colours.

Enter the new 'plug and play' flashing LED lamp from Rundles, these lamps are available in different voltages with E10 and E14 sizes. The upsell on these flashing fairground lights is that you do not need any control board, you don't need any programming knowledge and you don't need different coloured cabochon cases. These flashing LED's are manufactured in a sequence of 16 lamps, you do not need 16 lamps to use you can have just one if you like. So to explain what I mean, each of the 16 lamps has a rolling sequence which starts from lamp number one to lamp number 16 (each lamp has its sequence number stamped on it). In a row,  number one would flash then two and three and so on. Not only do they sequence in flashing they also have a colour sequence, this makes these lamps very smart indeed, for a demonstration of the flashing sequence please see here - Flashing LED Sequence

Flat LED lamps are also available for Rundles, these also come in different colours or clear, plus this range is available in the flashing range as well. All of Rundle's LED lamps can be fitted into existing standard lamp holders sizes E10 and E14, the flat LED lamps are a complete unit. The lamp holders that Rundle's supply are extremely well designed for ease of installation, there is no need for soldering, cutting wires or crimping. They have two pins on the back and a screw on cap that compresses the wire onto the pins piercing the wires for a perfect connection.

Bumper car parts by Rundles

Dodgem Car Spares

As with all of Rundle's amusement park spare parts, there is a huge range of bumper car spares available off the shelf as well as, like the carousel spares, the addition of being able to fabricate spare parts for bumper cars in house. There are a few main makes and models of a bumper car but there are hundreds of different designs out there including some vintage dodgem cars. A few of the more established manufacturers such as Reverchon, I E Park Soli, Bertazzon, Barbeiri and C & S are the more standard dodgem car parts that Rundles have in stock, bumper car parts such as the rubber bumper tyres, steering wheels and seat belts to name just a few. On top of this Rundles offer a full refurbishing service for bumper cars here at their workshops in Lincolnshire. This dodgem car refurbishment service includes full preparation and re-spray, replacement of old parts and fabrication of any broken steelwork etc, basically you will be getting a bumper car that looks like new.

Not only do Rundles offer services like the refurbishment of dodgem cars they stock and sell parts and netting for the bumper car arena, such as netting to European and British standards and control units for the power supply. With the newly adopted health and safety laws seat belts are now a necessity in every dodgem car, Rundles offer different types of seat belt configurations to suit all applications including the adjustable bolt down heavy duty type.

Spare parts for roller coaster from Rundles

Roller Coaster Spares

As you can imagine there are numerous different makes and types of roller designs, each normally designed for the individual amusement park. There are also many different types of roller coaster track, dependant on the type of track and car is the type of wheel or wheel cluster. Rundles do have many roller coaster spare parts in stock and they can fabricate many parts to fit the numerous types out there. How can they do this? Rundles have many time trained engineers and equipment on their site in Lincolnshire, England and they can, not only reproduce roller coaster spare parts but improve on the original design.

Spare parts for the Waltzer ride from Rundles

Waltzer  Spares

Another great traditional fairground or amusement park ride is the Waltzer, the ride consists of a number of cars which spin freely while rotating around a central point, in much the same way as a carousel. Like most other amusement park rides, the Waltzer’s are put under a lot of stress and parts do wear out, especially the more older rides. Waltzer spare parts such as the centre ball joint coupling and the brass ball joint cup are readily available off the shelf at Rundles. Bar covers and seat belts are also readily available and can be purchased through Rundles easy to use and modern website

Spare parts for veteran amusement cars

Veteran Car Spares

Veteran cars or ‘Old Time Cars’ are an old favourite in the amusement park industry, they consist of a low voltage track and vintage modelled cars powered by a low voltage motor. All the cars run on the same track and have sensors in the front of the vehicle to stop two vehicles colliding together. As Rundles manufacture a whole track system including the control box, cars and tracking, they can offer a comprehensive range of veteran car spare parts off the shelf right down to the little things such as light covers and steering wheels. Most amusement park spares are available somewhere in the world but not so readily available in the United Kingdom, this is where Rundles have filled the gap and it is delightful to find an English company that was established over 100 years ago with the experience in amusement parks as they have.

Pirate boat spare parts by Rundles

Pirate Boat Spares

Pirate boats are basically swinging long boats and are normally powered by a motorised drive wheel with a rubber coating situated underneath the boat. The drive wheel drives one way and then free wheels allowing the boat to swing back. On some designs the wheel drops to allow the boat to freely swing back and then pops up again to power the boat on the forward spring. Although this sounds simplistic in mechanical terms it is quite ingenious how it works and a reliable source of spare parts are must for any ride operator.

amusement park spares by Rundles

Amusement Park Spares

The term amusement park spares leads one towards amusement rides, albeit it is essential to be able to source spare parts for all the different types of rides here in the United Kingdom, it is also important to point out that there is quite a lot more to an amusement park to consider.

For instance, there are the facia’s, standing 3d displays, moulded wall displays, signs and stalls to name but a few. There are also the canopies, flooring and railings to maintain. All these require spare parts and Rundles have recognised this and have fulfilled the need within the industry. With over 100 years in the business Rundles have diversified and yet kept to traditional values. It is this combination that has resulted in Rundles becoming the leading supplier of amusement park spares in the U.K.