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Seal Ride manufacturer in UK

Seal Ride Manufacture

The Seal Ride, designed and manufactured by Rundles here in Britain, is a simple robust unit that provides a floating ride just for children. Rides of this nature have been entertaining children for many years and will carry on to do so for many years to come in any Theme park, Fairground or Amusement park

The Seal ride consists of a surround with a liner attached. Six seal themed Boats are driven in a conventional manner from a central drive unit. The Boats are linked front and rear to arms which pivot central, additional movement is provided for the rubber joints. a safety spring is fitted to each boat to limit the amount of possible travel.

The electrical control system is a modern control system, which includes a level switch, which prevents operation at low water levels. aluminium low maintenance step units surround the heavy duty pvc liner.

Seal Ride manufacture by Rundles - Engineers to the Amusement park Industry
Bright coloured seals with a water pool
Seal rides made by Rundles - Engineering the Amusement park Industry
A water fun ride for all the family manufactured in England by Rundles - Amusement park engineers


Seal Ride Specification:

  • Seating capacity:          24 children
  • Capacity per hour:        280 person/hour
  • Boats / Carraiges:         6 (4 children or 2 children plus 1 adult per boat)
  • Max. operating speed: 5-6 rpm
  • Power requirements:    Voltage 400/450 - 230/250
  • Motor:                              1.5kW
  • Drive:                               Bonfiglioli  WR86 Gearbox (45:1 overall ratio)
  • Outside dimension:       8.124 mts across flats
  • Inner dimension:            7.440 mts across flats
  • Construction:                  Steel / Aluminium

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