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Amusement Park Road Train manufacturer in UK

Amusement Park Road Train Manufacture

A traditionally styled mode of transport using a modern diesel power source. As a people mover from car parks or around the park, this is a great attraction which is equally popular for theme rides

A versatile transport system that can be tailored to a particular situation. Based on a modern tractor to give adequate power, traction and reliability. An air operated braking system is incorporated with fail safe features. The decorative panels are manufactured in glass fibre reinforced plastic and the solid twisted brass poles are polished and lacquered. The carriages are fabricated from steel with phenolic ply flooring and latted bench type seats to accommodate 25 passengers in comfort. Articulated steering to allow carriages to follow the same tracks as the tractor, is available as an option when ordering..

Road Train manufacture by Rundles - Engineers to the Amusement park Industry
Road train carriages - ideal for transporting around the amusement park - manufactured in England
Close up view of a road train cariage made by Rundles - Engineering the Amusement park Industry
A diesel road train manufactured in England by Rundles - Amusement park engineers


Road Train Specification:

  • Seating capacity:                        25 persons per carriage (total max 75 persons)
  • Max numberr of carriages:        3
  • Tractor Brakes:                            Inboard wet disc brakes
  • Carriage Brakes:                         Air operated spring brakes
  • Power:                                           55DIN. Massey Ferguson 3 cylinder turbo deisel
  • Optional Extras:                           Public address and music system, Lights and lighting.


Showmans Engine - £38500

4 Wheel Carriage - £15400

2 Wheel Carriage - £11000

Battery Train complete with 2 Carriages £67500

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