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Juvenile Chair-O-Plane Manufacture

Here we have a traditionally styled set of chairs that has been manufactured with the latest materials and methods. It has a galvanised steel fabricated frame with stainless steel and fibreglass seats (range of fibreglass colours) complete with stainless steel chains and hangers. Depending on the customers’ requirements the stainless steel on the seats can either be provided with a highly polished finish or a matt stainless look. The rounding boards are reinforced fibreglass with vinyl wrapping again these can be painted and themed however the customer wishes, with the advantage that the vinyl can be removed and replaced easily to fit in with a variety of theming:- i.e. Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.

It also comes with modern LED lighting which massively reduces the running cost and allows them to be used during the daytime as well as not failing anywhere near as much as the older filament types. There are also a variety of ways the lighting can be installed, from traditional looking caps that are on constantly, to pre-programmed LEDs that run their own sequence, with the other option to have the newest style which are programmable pixel LEDs that can be programmed to flash and run in almost any way you would like even writing names in the sequence..

As an option, the flooring can be either manufactured from a relatively new material which is “Plastic Wood”. This ‘plastic wood’ is available in a variety of colours, is UV resistant, weather resistant and once installed doesn’t require any maintenance. The other option is for an aluminium durbar plate floor fitted to a steel frame. Again this can be anodised a variety of colours in order to fit in to the theming in different locations. The ride itself is set with the chairs two abreast giving a maximum seating capacity of 20. This makes the chair-o-planes an ideal childrens amusement ride. The modern materials and design has not only resulted in a safe ride, but also produced a low cost machine to run, requiring only a minimum amount of servicing, a minimal amount of power and is also easily and simply operated from the simple control panel.

The amount and style of lighting, theming, flooring and extra mirrors and music can be provided to meet the individual customer specification and requirements.

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Juvenile Chair-O-Plane Specification:

  • Seating capacity:          20 persons
  • Capacity per hour:        240 person/hour
  • Sections:                        10
  • Max. operating speed: 9 rpm
  • Power requirements:   Single phase 240v 50Hz (unless specified)
  • Motor:                              0.75 kW
  • Lights:                             240v/24v 6amp 1kW (configuration to suit requirements)
  • Height:                            4mts
  • Diameter:                       6mts (approx)
  • Construction:                 Galvanised Steel construction with stainless steel chairs and fibreglass seats.
  • Sound:                            Integrated sound system as requested (optional)

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