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From our carousel range, a recreation of the popular 3 abreast British "Galloper". Manufactured using the very latest technology and built to the highest standards right here in the United Kingdom. A centre piece for any amusement park or fairground that can be themed as required.

Here at Rundles we manufacture and can offer a complete range of traditionally styled carousels. Custom designed and manufactured with the latest materials and methods. Using a mainly galvanized steel fabrication coupled with aluminium platforms covered in resin coated ply. Decorations of reinforced plastic with lacquered twisted brass tubes on both horse and platform rods.

This is a popular family ride with a large throughput and low maintenance costs. A wide variety of horses, cockerels, chariots etc are fully available.

Carousel manufacture by Rundles - Engineers to the Amusement park Industry
Galloper horses and cockerels - just a few of the animals we do for our Carousel manufacture
Close up view of a carousel cockerel made by Rundles - Engineering the Amusement park Industry
A carousel dragon chariot manufactured in England by Rundles - Amusement park engineers


3 Abreast Carousel Specification:

  • Seating capacity:          72 persons
  • Capacity per hour:        1250 person/hour
  • Horses:                           36
  • Sections:                        12
  • Drive:                              Electric Inverter
  • Power requirements:   3 phase 50Hz (unless specified)
  • Motor:                             4 kW
  • Lights:                            As required
  • Height:                           6.25 mts
  • Diameter:                      12mts (approx)
  • Construction:                Galvanised Steel, Aluminium and Fibreglass
  • Sound:                            Integrated sound system as requested (including optional traditional organ)

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