Amusement Park Spares

Amusement Park Spares

Rundle's have been supplying, manufacturing and repairing amusement park spares and rides for the amusement park leisure industry for over 80 years. With our own in house engineers and machine shop there isn't much that we can't fabricate if its not available off the shelf.

From restoration of carousel horses to a dodgem car wheel we can accommodate most repairs and refurbishments. We have an extensive stock of old and new amusement spare parts including roller coaster wheel clusters through to Veteran (Old Time) cars, Carousels, Waltzers to name but a few.

Amusement Park Spares by Rundles

Carousel Parts

From Twisted Brass, Dollies and Pan Wheels to Motor Pinions.

Amusement Park spares for carousel horses Rundles

Carousel horses, Cockerels and Chariots

We manufacture a stunning range of carousel horses, Cockerels and Carraiges

Carousel horse tails for Amusement park spares horses Rundles

Carousel Horse Tails

A variety of synthetic horse tails for carousel horses

Amusement park spares and carousel horse refurbishment

Carousel Horse Refurbishment

Full refurbishment of carousel horses back to there original condition

Carousel horse hire for weddings and events

Carousel Horse Hire

A stunning range of real carousel horses available for hire

Carousel horse and stand for sale

Carousel Horse and Stand

Different styles of horses available on twisted brass stands


Amusement Park Spares by Rundles

Veteran Car Spares

Range of Veteran (Old Time) car parts

Amusement Park spares for Walzter rides at Rundles

Waltzer Spare Parts

From car pins to tyres available online

dodgem car spares from Rundles

Dodgem Car Spares

Spare parts for dodgem bumper cars

Amusement park spares for roller coasters

Roller Coaster Spares

Wheel clusters to spare wheels Coaster spare parts from stock

Carousel horse hire for weddings and events

Chair-O-Plane Spares

A full range of spares including full chair assemblies

LED fairground lighting for sale

Amusement Park Lights

Cabochons and LED lights, full range of colours and voltages to buy online



We are adding new amusement park spares daily, we have recently added spare parts for the amusement ride Ital Resina train in conjunction with the parts we already sell for the Sante Fe Train.

As mentioned before we are stocking our website database with dodgem car spare parts and waltzer spare parts daily and not forgetting our ever popular carousel horse hire

As part of our service we carry an extensive stock of amusement park LED lights. These lamps are only one watt each making them extremely economical to run, also being waterproof to IP65 they are a lot more hard wearing and thier lifetime is extended greatly over the incandescent type. In our warehouse of amusement park spares we hold stock of over fifty thousand items for lighting fairgrounds, signs and other applications such as theatre to name but a few. A complete range of Cabochon light cases in all colours is available for next day delivery. All the above is available in both E14 and E10 Edison screw size - Check our stock here