ADIPS is similar to the MOT for cars

An annual check during operation on the safety critical parts together with an issue of a Declaration of Compliance to confirm safe condition.

In the same way that road vehicles require regular servicing and repairs together with an MOT, amusement devices also require both a servicing and maintenance regime and safety inspections. These are separate activities and provided by different persons and organisations to ensure independence and impartiality – so you need one irrespective of the maintenance and servicing regime in place.

ADIPS also includes a series of pre-use inspections to check safety of design and manufacture, and to perform a series of tests to ensure it is installed and working safely before use by the public.

In-service inspection is specifically about examining all safety critical parts and safety functions to identify defects which are or may become a danger to persons so that they can be rectified. Defects are made clear in a written report and advised to the controller/owner at the time of inspection. Where defects posing imminent danger are found, these should be rectified before the inspection can be deemed satisfactory and the issue of safety certification.

It is expected during inspection that satisfactory maintenance and safe operation will continue and there is no misuse, abuse or unforeseeable exceptional circumstances.

Guidance and Training

ADIPS Publications - Please take a look at the PDF publications released by the HSE and the ADSC.


Fairgrounds and amusement Parks - Guidance on safe practice


Safety of Amusement Devices: Design (2nd Edition) - published by the Amusement Device Safety Council (ADSC)

Pre-Use Inspection

Safety of Amusement Devices: Advice on Inspection - Pre-use Inspection

Annual Inspection

Safety of Amusement Devices: Advice on Inspection - In-Service Annual Inspection

Non Destructive

Safety of Amusement Devices: Non Destructive Testing

Guarding & Fencing

Controller Guidance for Guarding and Fencing Requirements of Juvenile Fairground Rides

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